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James Allen Cycle

New work for vocal ensemble, water-toned crystal glass, percussion and guitar.

The third movement from a cycle of five will be released in 2024, following the completion of two prior movements in previous years. Stefan Gerritsen and The Hollands Collectief will once again include this new piece in their concert tours.

James Allen, a British philosophical writer, was renowned for his inspiring books and poetry. As a Man Thinketh, his most famous work, has been widely distributed since it was published in 1902 and has influenced many individuals. His teachings continue to inspire countless persons worldwide.

At the heart of James Allen's work lies the notion of the immense creative and transformative potential of thought.

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Hollands Collectief

Hollands Collectief is a vocal ensemble comprised of choir singers with extensive experience in various professional choirs. The core members of Hollands Collectief, soprano and artistic leader Elisabeth Blom, alto Hebe de Champeaux, tenor Dolf Drabbels, and bass Kees Jan de Koning, regularly perform with prestigious choirs such as the Netherlands Chamber Choir, the Netherlands Broadcasting Choir, Cappella Amsterdam, and Amsterdam Baroque Choir. Hollands Collectief aims to achieve a pure, transparent sound. Old and new music are programmed alongside each other, and Dutch composers are frequently given a prominent place.

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Stefan Gerritsen - Guitar

Stefan Gerritsen: A magnificent guitarist, wrote De Volkskrant on June 22, 2016. Guitarist Gerritsen is virtuosic and fluent in all of the techniques of modern guitar playing (Soundboard magazine 2011). Stefan Gerritsen is a versatile classical guitarist with a repertoire that ranges from early music to the latest compositions, often dedicated to him. In addition, he is not afraid to take risks and initiates new projects to expand the classical guitar repertoire, not only for solo guitar but also for unique combinations, such as guitar and vocal ensemble.

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