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There is a self within myself

A theatrical concert based on Rumi

Concerto Copenhagen 

Aylin Sezer - Soprano

Hakan Uyrum - Turkish Ney 


European tour 2025 - 2026

There is a self within myself

merges the poetic works of the Sufi mystic Rumi from the 13th century with the rich sound of a baroque ensemble, traditional Turkish instruments, percussion and a soprano's voice. Additionally, a dance performance enhances the show by interpreting Rumi's profound words. The production delves into the themes of love, yearning, and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. The character of the music is distinctly lyrical, interspersed with highly virtuosic passages, and moves from echoes of traditional Ottoman music, complete silence, to a grand monumental sound world.

There is a quote from Rumi that could potentially flip most people's thinking:


"The wound is the place where the light can enter you."

A trauma or intense event is not something that holds you back, but rather an opportunity to move towards the light.

Based on this idea, the structure of the performance has been designed to evolve from darkness to light, in the music, in the chosen texts, and in the dance choreography.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-03-09 om 23.48.53.png

Aylin Sezer


The Turkish-Dutch soprano Aylin Sezer studied singing at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She continued her studies at the Dutch National Opera Academy, where she graduated with the distinction of "exceptional artistic quality". She was a finalist at the Leyla Gencer Voice Competition 2010 in Istanbul. She won the Schaunard Award 2017 and the HOTIAD Award for Turkish Artist of the Year.

Hakan Uyrum


Hakan Ronas Uyrum, born in Amsterdam, fell in love with the sound of the Ney at a very young age. He received Ney lessons in Istanbul with Mustafa Hakan Alvan and in 2015 he was admitted to the conservatory of Rotterdam where he was the student of the legendary Kudsi Erguner. Hakan is considered of being the most talented Ney player of his generation. He is a regular member of the Tevazu Sufi Music Ensemble and the Amsterdam Andalusian orchestra.


Concerto Copenhagen 

For over thirty years, Concerto Copenhagen has embarked on a journey of discovery, exploring music from the Baroque, Viennese Classical, and Early Romantic periods with historical awareness and unwavering commitment. Today, Concerto Copenhagen stands as a leading light in its field, both nationally and internationally. Under the musical direction of Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Concerto Copenhagen combines a methodical approach to historical material with artistic originality and a continual evolution in performance style and delivery. This ensures that the music is brought to life in a process of dynamic renewal and remains relevant to contemporary audiences.

Since its inaugural concerts in 1991, Concerto Copenhagen has released multiple internationally acclaimed albums and participated in hundreds of concerts, opera productions, as well as soundtrack and video productions around the world. With a repertoire that combines more familiar European music with lesser-known works of Scandinavian origin and new music, the orchestra celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2021 and was subsequently nominated for P2 Artist of the Year 2022.
















Double bass




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