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Regrets is a theatrical concert about death and life in which music, theater and film are brought together in a hermetic form. Regrets

tells unique stories about life, death, and survival, and thus brings a comforting view on mourning to the stage. Regrets is also intended to encourage people to live and celebrate life now.


The inner urge to create a production about life and its finiteness began when I read "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying" by Bronnie Ware on the plane to Tokyo. The book gives a voice to different people who, just before they die, review their lives and list the things they regret.

The top regret is: living up to other people's expectations. In other words, they have partly put their own lives aside to show socially desirable behavior, and partly lived someone else's life. That hurts, especially at the moment before dying when there's nothing you can do to change it.

This gave rise to the desire to create a theatrical concert that focuses on the stories of different people and the need to be aware that YOUR life is finite. Will you let your valuable life wither away, or will you give your best every day with what you have?

People launching floating lanterns

Regrets will be performed at mourning-related places such as churches and funeral homes, but Regrets will also be available to visit in regular concert halls.




String quartet

(Midi-) guitars





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