Composer and performing artist.
Artistic Director of the Via Nobel Foundation and owner of Music in Amsterdam. 
Based in Amsterdam and Tokyo. 


Rijndert van Woudenberg graduated from the Conservatory in Amsterdam in 1996; having studied Classical- and Jazz guitar under Lex Eisenhardt and Hans Kunneman. He performed as a soloist in several ensembles, gave solo concerts and played in many music theatre productions. 


He received assignments from, among others, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, het Concertgebouw, the Escher Ensemble, the Helsinki Guitarduo, the International Guitar festival Helsinki, Sibelius Academy (Helsinki), Martin Fogel (Japan), the Romeo Quartet, Saxo Panico, the Koh-i-noor saxophonequartet, Stichting eigen werk, Rozemond Productions, the Music Theatre Collective, Festival aan de Werf and the Oerol festival, Ensemble Nomad (Japan), Eyeworks, ERP-Music (Estonia). Ensemble Kochi (Japan), NTR Television, Blackframe Productions.


Publisher Donemus Amsterdam.